Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Interview Pitch

Prior to an interview, it would be wise to plan ahead and do a little homework!

Try researching the company and the position if possible, as well, the people you will meet with at the interview. Review your work experiences.

Basically, have your facts ready!

Now remember, the pitch is just a sample idea of what you could possibly use – don’t let it appear as if you’ve memorized it (it could kill the whole process)

Also remember keywords are an integral part of any pitch

Mentioned below is a small SAMPLE pitch (about 30 seconds)

"I am particularly interested in the position offered, and as my resume reveals my background and work experience in project management is ideally suited for this position"

I also have experience in (add whatever line you feel is best) (but only one line and that too, if required)

I look forward to taking on new challenges and contributing to your knowledge base and converting strategies to competitive positions (closing line, only if required).


While you are describing your accomplishments, be sure to use powerful keywords to signify the importance and magnitude of those feats. It is not the time to be modest. Use strong action verbs that really drive home what you’re trying to say. Use industry terms, where appropriate, if you are seeking a job similar to your current position. The company will understand this terminology and be relieved to know that you are competent enough to comprehend them as well

Before we jump in with questions and self-assessments, let's get one thing upfront and on the table. An interviewer develops an impression of you in the first few minutes of your meeting, and spends the rest of the interview confirming, not altering, their initial impression. Therefore, practice, practice and practice some more

Be calm and answer the question with a positive and confident approach and keep the tone casual. When you answer, clearly show that you have researched carefully and acquired more in-depth knowledge about the company

During the interview, remember to be an active listener, pay attention, and ask good questions. You should show respect to the recruiter, answer clearly, and keep your enthusiasm high. Exhibit good posture and maintain eye contact. When shaking the hand of a recruiter, use one firm squeeze and do not break eye contact.

Wishing you the best