Saturday, December 17, 2005

Resume Preparation

Resume preparation on your own is possible, but, there really is no substitute for letting a resume writer do it.

It really doesn't pay to cut corners when it comes to your career.

Key elements would be missing, and a jobseeker generally doesn't discover this until a good portion of time has been poured into the job search.

A job-search campaign can stretch out for weeks or months.

Let's look at some numbers that will determine whether a resume writing service is worth the investment.

First, the salary you are seeking, say $30,000.

Now, let's divide that number by 2,080 (based upon 40 hours per week over 1 year) and you will come up with $14.42 per hour (gross).

Every day, you will lose just over $105.00, and for every week, $577.00.

Let us say your job search takes 6 months, you will lose an estimated $14,999.

Compare these with our costs and you will see that our charges are about (3) hours of your expected salary.

Is this not better rather than waiting for an interview with your fingers crossed!

Since the cover letter is what most hiring managers read first, you have less than 10 seconds in which to make your reader want to put down your cover letter, pick up the phone and call you for a job interview.

A cover letter with a concise format is easy to scan and shows respect for the reader's limited time.

If you need more room, fine, but never exceed one page.

If you still need more information, mail me, and perhaps we could discuss whether the fault lies with your resume !

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