Sunday, January 28, 2007

Changing your career at 40

Changing your career at any age can be a little nerve rattling; however as adults approach the age of 40.

Several factors keep many in jobs they would otherwise let go. These factors include age discrimination, opportunity to further education, and much needed encouragement to get started. After counseling people in their careers for 18 years I have seen numerous people successfully change careers after 40. The key to these changes has often entailed:

1. Taking an inventory of skills.

Here is a simple way for you to get started. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a very large T on the paper. Write on the left side of the T, skills or jobs you have most enjoyed over the years. On the other half of the T, skills or jobs you did not enjoy. Consider your past work history, hobbies, and volunteer experiences when filling in your "T" area. Here are a few examples: Working with people, data, things, instructing others, artistic, mechanical, scientific, managing, influencing, sales, working with your hands, job location. Be as specific as you can with your likes and dislikes

2. To get additional career ideas research the classified Ads - Even consider local businesses that you feel you would enjoy working at or even owning.

Then, make a note of them, and add them to your list of potential careers to further research.

In the Millennium new career opportunities are opening up everyday, and many new small business are emerging! Consider how you may use your skills and expertise to take advantage of this growing need in society. Click on "starting a business" to see the books we currently have on-line to help you start your own business. Working from your home and starting out small can be fun, too.

For more info, check out the below link;

3. Choose a career you can enjoy, not one that is only directed at making money.

You will need passion and enthusiasm to learn new things, and to push yourself to greater heights. The more you enjoy the work you choose, the more time you will spend at it. This can help you increase your income potential in the long run. Why not create a life based on the best person you want to be. Not what someone else tells you to be. Life really can be fun if you create income based on what you truly enjoy doing.

4. After researching careers you find interesting, narrow down your career selections.

Learn more about each career you find interesting. Helpful books for in-depth career research can be located at your local library.

5. Put your plan together.

Do you need more education? Additional financial resources? A new resume? Support from your family members? An intermediate job? Write a plan of action, then follow it step by step.

Changing your career at 40 is very possible. Remember changing your career can also include starting your own business.

Focus on the skills you enjoy using the most, and build a career based solidly on your likes.

Changing a career is a process that can be fun, self awakening, and can give you a new zeal for living. Get started today and ask the people who care the most about you to give you the support you need. If you need further help contact your local college and ask if they provide career counseling or consult the yellow pages and look under vocational counseling

For a more precise tool in determining careers that you may be compatible with, check out the Quick Job Search Guide It provides information on careers a person is better suited to as well as self employment options, too. The assessment is easy to understand, and most importantly can be taken in the privacy of your home to determine careers that you are better suited to

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